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Furniture & Woodworking
16-18 Study Programme

Preparing for Employment?
An alternative to college or sixth-form


6 – 12 months

Progression Opportunities into an apprenticeship
Furniture Maker

Wood Machinist

Architectural Bench Joiner

Wood Products Manufacturing Operative

Fitted Furniture Installer

Qualification, Level, Skills
Diploma in Furniture Making

City & Guilds

Equivalent to GCSE

Level 2

Prepare for employment skills

Vocational skills

Training Locations
Woodwise Academy, Bristol

3 days per week

Getting started
January, May & September


Training places subject to availability

Training Access & Support
Access Didac's eLearning Portal

One-to-one training sessions

Group training sessions

Regular reviews with your trainer

ePortfolio - to record training & development

Opportunities to improve your maths & English skills

Typically 6 to 12 months

Funding - England
Government Funding

Furniture & Woodworking
16-18 Study Programme

Training Category / Woodworking Equipment

Working with wood requires skill

Transferable skills for life

On the Study Programme, students learn how to use hand tools, power tools and woodworking machinery all under the close supervision of our experienced trainers in a workshop environment.

Students will be guided on how to prepare themselves for future workplaces, including the booking of holidays, timekeeping, professional responsibilities e.g. how to conduct themselves in a work environment, to respect staff and colleagues.

Throughout the three day a week course, learners will start to develop their hand skills and acquire knowledge in the safe use of some of the equipment used in a furniture and woodworking environment.

English and Maths is incorporated into the programme, which is mandatory for students who have yet to achieve Grade 4 or above.  It’s done in a way that relates it to the programme and workplace.  Our experienced trainers make it a positive experience to support the development of vocational skills, which is frequently motivated by students ambition to progress onto an apprenticeship.

The furniture industry and woodworking sector has a skills shortage, so if you develop your skill-set many job opportunities will be open to you.

If you are considering working with wood, sign-up for one of our ‘taster day’s’ to see if this is the course for you.

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Foundation knowledge and skills in:

  • Design processes in furniture making
  • Drawers and fittings in furniture making
  • Furniture making by hand
  • Health and safety within furniture and furnishing making environments
  • Timber technology in furniture making
  • Planning for career pathways in furniture and furnishing industries
  • Professional responsibilities in furniture and furnishing making environments
  • Sustainability in the timber trade
  • Technical drawings and workshop geometry

[YEAR] Jack – on completion of the Study Programme, Jack was employed full time by Didac Limited as an apprentice wood machinist at Level 2, following which he took the Level 3 to develop advanced wood machining skills.  During this 3 year period, Jack supported the Study Programme learners and developed his teaching skills.  He is now one of Didac’s leading trainers on furniture and woodworking apprenticeships and short courses in wood machining and he is currently studying for his [TEACHING CERTIFICATE]

You must:

  • be 16 or over
  • not already be in full-time education
  • live in England to qualify for Didac funded apprenticeships

You can start an apprenticeship whether you’re starting your career, want a change or you’re upskilling in your current job. You can have a previous qualification like a degree and still start an apprenticeship.

As an apprentice you’ll:

  • learn and train for a specific job
  • get paid and receive holiday leave
  • get hands-on experience in a real job
  • be given the opportunity to improve your maths and English skills
  • study for at least 20% of your working hours off-the-job
  • complete assessments during and at the end of your apprenticeship
  • be on a career path with lots of future potential

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