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Our policies help us identify shortcomings and direction to overcome various issues.  Our policies make sure that we operate within the law, best practice and follow the guiding principles for education.

Our policies will help you measure us as educators.  They will inform you of what you can expect from us in any given situation.  Our policies will help you decide whether you would like to work with us.  Our policies will set your expectation if something goes wrong and indicate the pathway to a resolution.

Policy making starts with the identification of a problem.  Through a consultative process it comes to an end when we have set out the principles, guidelines and standards to inform our decision making to achieve rational outcomes. It’s a continuous process because the world in which we operate continues to evolve.

Our web site is progressively going live, so we are uploading policies as and when they have been reviewed or updated in response to changes in law, compliance, ethical or other standards.  If you would like to see a current policy on any given subject which is not published below, please contact us on 0800 773 4230 or email at

Complaints Policy

Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) Policy

Malpractice Maladministration Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

Prevent Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy