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Absolutely loved the training provided by Ray this week. He was very knowledgeable in his field and passed this knowledge on in way and at a speed to suit each learner. Ray provided so much valuable information for us especially around health and safety, machine use and operation that will be of vale to the students for years to come. He has been a pleasure to have on site for the duration of the training and we hope to see him again in the future. - HMP The Verne, Woodworking Machine Training course

The Didac programme was a great way to kickstart my career at Howdens, it allowed me to learn through the job role and I had great support from my trainer. I would recommend Didac to anyone looking to start an apprenticeship. - Customer Service Practitioner Apprentice, Howdens Joinery

I am very satisfied with the quality of the course and training I received, it has helped me develop greatly in my career whilst also giving me the opportunity to learn whilst I earn. - Customer Service Practitioner Apprentice, Howdens Joinery

2023 Study Programme Chair Challenge

Our class of 2023 students went head to head in the ultimate Chair Challenge! In the Academy last...

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Our class of 2023 students went head to head in the ultimate Chair Challenge!

Study Programme Chair Challenge | Didac

In the Academy last week, saw the students split into 3 groups. Each group got given the challenge to design, plan and build a chair inspired by their favour film. They had a limited amount of resources and had to use their team building skills along with all the knowledge they have gained on the Study Programme to create a winning piece of furniture.

First up they each designed their chair, factoring in the resources and materials they would need, and figuring out measurements and practicalities. Next up they made a miniature proto type of their designs.

Finally, it was time to get down to the big build! Each team worked tirelessly creating their masterpieces from scratch, ensuring it was strong and stable, useable, and as close to their prototypes as possible. They even each created a secret compartment hidden within their chairs!

The final results were incredible! Taking inspiration from Lord of the Rings, Shrek and Fast & Furious, each chair was unique, imaginative and met the spec perfectly! The trainers and staff were the judges, marking them on their technical skills, communication, focus, creativity, and suitability. With the winner finally being revealed at the end of the day on Friday. We were pleased to announce the winner of the Chair Challenge was… The Lord of the Rings Chair!

It was a great achievement from all students, the hard work and dedication showed in their projects and it was a great effort all round.