General Furniture Manufacturer Apprenticeship

General Furniture Manufacturer Apprenticeship

General Furniture Manufacturer Apprenticeship

Furniture & Woodworking

What is a General Furniture Manufacturer?

Furniture Manufacturers are skilled craftsmen/women who make pieces of furniture. They may work in a small, independent shop that produces custom furniture or in a factory that mass-produces pieces of furniture. They will manufacture furniture such as:
• Domestic – kitchens, bedrooms, living room and other items for the home
• Office - desk, seating, tables and other items for the office environment
• Contract - furniture for public areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels and airports
• Manufacture of high quality wooden components

What is the Apprenticeship Standard?

This is a new style of Apprenticeship. Standards are occupation-focused, they are not qualification-led.
The learning happens throughout the apprenticeship and the apprentice is assessed at the end.
They need to prove that they can carry out all aspects of their job.  They develop transferable skills and gain credibility too.
The Apprentice will gather evidence from the workplace, which will be placed into an electronic portfolio.  They will also study eLearning and eTesting modules as well as receiving high quality training from experienced Didac staff.

As a Furniture Manufacturer, you will learn a number of skills, depending upon the type of business you are working in.
Staff can make decisions such as the type of material needed to make components / products, the ability to follow technical drawings, skills to work out amount of materials needed.
You will learn how to make components and items of furniture.
  • learn about the organisation and industry
  • learn about materials and fittings
  • set up and operate machinery, tools and equipment
  • make and assemble components

  • collaboration & adaptability
  • time management
  • pride in the workplace
  • achieve quality and output targets
  • maintain tools & equipment

  • communication
  • machinery
  • tooling
  • legal requirements
  • problem solving

  • organisation
  • policies and procedures
  • materials
  • health & safety
  • quality standards

Apprentices without Level 1 English and Maths must achieve this Level and take the test for Level 2 before taking the endpoint assessment
What is EPA?
Endpoint assessment (EPA) is an holistic and independent assessment, designed to test whether an apprentice has gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the relevant standard, and it grades the apprentice according to their performance.
EPA must be carried out by an end point assessment organisation which is listed on the register of end point assessment organisations.


  • The minimum duration is one year before taking the end-point assessment.

Delivery Location

  • National Delivery within the workplace


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