Workplace Audit – Noise Assessments

Workplace Audit – Noise Assessments

Workplace Audit – Noise Assessments


Woodworking has some of the noisiest work places in industry. Short exposure to high noise levels can cause temporary hearing loss, but longer exposures can result in permanent damage. Sufferers often do not realise their hearing is being damaged, as hearing loss tends to be gradual. However, some effects such as tinnitus can develop more quickly.
Employers must control the risk of hearing damage at work. If you cannot eliminate noise, you must reduce it as low as possible at source. There are noise exposure limits that must not be exceeded.
Our approach to noise surveys is action based. We measure the noise levels in your premises and using NOISE CALCULATORS match them to the normal working patterns of your employees, which will include supervisors, managers, office staff and visitors as well as machine operators who are the main people at risk in your factory.
On completion of the survey, we will provide you with a easy to use report, that will give practical guidance on the measures you will need to take to protect the hearing of your employees, and comply with the regulations.


  • Duration: 1 day + 1/2 report writing
       (Duration may increase, depending upon size of company)


  • National Delivery


  • Cost: £900.00
All prices excluding VAT and Travel where appropriate.

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